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Whether your new to Dynamic Reformer Pilates and want to understand how to instruct effectively or maybe you need to spice up you're exercise repertoire, we want to give you the tools to do it!

Introduction to Basic Anatomy and Movement Course

This course focuses on the important base anatomy and movement patterns of the body to aid your Reformer teaching. It will give you a more comprehensive understanding of major muscle groups responsible for movement without overwhelming you. We've stripped things back to basics and provide tips on how to integrate this into your cuing along the way.

Module 1 (Beginner)

Dynamic Reformer Pilates Instructor Course

Learn the basic fundamentals of how to teach dynamic Reformer Pilates. The course provides step by step verbal cues, images and video demonstrations for over 45 Reformer Pilates exercises. You'll also learn how to incorporate variations, progression and regressions enabling you to cater for all abilities in your classes.

Module 2 (Advanced)

Advanced Dynamic Reformer Pilates Instructor Course

Already got the basics? This course is designed to increase your existing class repertoire and teach you how to facilitate more technical dynamic Reformer Pilates exercises. Re-energize your classes with over 50 new Reformer Pilates exercises including methods to increase the intensity of each exercise through variations, progressions and use of apparatus.

Online Super Bundle

Get the best of both worlds with Reform's Super Bundle, gain access to both online Module 1 and Module 2

Meet Your Trainer

Master Trainer

Jane Gibson

I am the co-founder and Master Trainer here at Reform Fitness. With over 13 years of experience on the reformer, I have set up multiple studios and have developed Reform's Instructor training courses to share my knowledge and passion for dynamic reformer Pilates with you. Let's get training!


  • What is the Refund Policy?

    We offer a 30-day refund for Online courses. T&C's apply

  • What support is offered?

    Email support from the course Master Trainers

  • How long do the courses take?

    These courses are self-paced. Once you have completed one lesson, you can move onto the next.

  • How long do I have access to the online courses?

    You'll have lifetime access to your purchased courses.

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