From one Reformer Pilates Instructor to another, I Got You!

Hi Reformer Pilates Enthusiast, feel like your content is a bit out of date? I'll show you how to up your game and introduce you to a whole new world of Dynamic Reformer Pilates so you can facilitate more advanced exercises with confidence.

Learn from Reform's Master Trainers

Give your clients the best fitness experience

This course is intended to help instructors and trainers re-energize and innovate knowledge and understanding of the Reformer.  It aims to provide more repertoire in order to teach technical exercises to clients. 

Here's what you will learn on this course:

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You can STAND out from the crowd

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What will I get out of this course?

  • Over 50 exercises with step by step verbal cues, photo and audio video demonstration

  • Reformer set up and spring tension resistance progressions and regressions for each exercise

  • Exercise variations, progressions and regressions

  • Incorporation of Reformer apparatus (Box, Ring, Ball, Dumbbells)

  • Muscles worked and methods for increasing the intensity of the exercise

  • Structured exercise format broken down into 5 key sections: Warm Up/Core/ Upperbody/Lowerbody and Dynamic combinations

  • NZ REPs accredited 20.00 CPD points (Continuing Professional Development points)

Bonus features

  • Bonus Dynamic Combinations

    Additional bonus dynamic exercise combinations guaranteed to increase intensity and provide challenge in your classes

  • REPs NZ Recognised Course

    Receive 20.00 CPD points for the successful completion of this course

What Others are Saying:

"I highly recommend this Instructors course!"

Katie Henry

"There is absolutely no other outfit than Reform that I would have chosen to take my passion for reformer pilates to the next level. Much like Reform’s dynamic style of pilates, the Advanced Dynamic Reformer Instructor Course gave me a different view of what can be done on the reformer."

'Im going to add these in straight away'

Maddie Cleaver

The Instructors were awesome, knowledgeable and helpful!