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The Adductors are integral group of muscles that stabilize the hip and have a deep connection with Deep Pelvic Core. This mini exercise bundle will give you access to 3 x Adductor exercises via light and heavy spring tension.    

Here's what you will learn on this mini bundle:

  • 3 x different Inner Thigh exercises (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)

  • Reformer set up and spring tension resistance progressions and regressions of exercises

  • Muscles worked and methods for increasing the intensity of the exercise

  • Incorporation of Reformer apparatus (Box, Dumbbells)

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Course Content

  • 1

    Adductors/Inner Thighs

    • Adductors/Inner Thighs

  • 2

    Beginner: Frog Press/Straight Leg Drop

    • Frog Press/Straight Leg Drop

    • Frog Press/Straight Leg Drop

  • 3

    Intermediate: Kneeling Inner Thigh

    • Kneeling Inner Thigh

    • Kneeling Inner Thigh

  • 4

    Advanced: Standing Inner Thigh

    • Standing Inner Thigh

    • Standing Inner Thigh


Master Trainer

Jane Gibson

I am the co-founder and Master Trainer here at Reform Fitness. With over 13 years of experience on the reformer, I have set up multiple studios and have developed Reform's Online Instructor training tools to share my knowledge and passion for dynamic reformer pilates with you. Let's get training!

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